Servicing, repairing and power flush of installation of boilers.

Gas boiler service, repairs and installation.

It is important to have your gas appliances serviced annually. Always check to see if your gas boiler service, repair and installation engineer carries a gas safe registration card. Check the gas safe card is in date. Any gas boilers installed after 2005 will be a condensing type boiler.The servicing of these boilers require cleaning of the condensate trap and and sludge removal filters. We check the operation of the gas boiler. Also inspect the installation to see if it complies with building regulations 2005. We check electric's to see if safely installed with correct fuse rating and electrical earthing. We carry out a flue gas check. Providing the combustion reading is correct and the boiler is under five years old. There is no need to remove the burner. To do this will require replacement of the combustion chamber seals. We also carry out a gas tightness test on the gas pipe installation from the gas meter. This will tell us that there are no gas leaks any where on the gas pipes inside of the house. The biggest problems we find with these type of gas boilers are the removal of the condensate. Incorrect sizing and discharge points. This can lead to freezing in the winter and blockages. Also if the condensate is not neutralized before discharging into a cast iron stack or hopper. It will corrode the metal. We also find because of the nature of condensing gas boiler heat exchangers. They require power flushing, fitting of sludge and scale removers at the installation stage. Also adding of a good heating system inhibitor. This will prevent boiler heat exchanger, heating system radiator and pipe blockages. Also premature failure or boiler and heating system parts. Gas boilers installed before 2005, will generally not be the condensing type. These type of gas boilers require annual removal and cleaning of the gas burner, including the injectors and probes. Electrical and installation safety check will be carried out. The inlet, burner pressure and combustion check will be done. Condition of the boiler will be noted and relayed to the customer. This will allow the customer to make an informed decision to carry on with the future maintenance of the gas boiler or replace it with new. Repairing of gas boilers can mostly be completed within one. Sometimes running into hours. Any longer than this is usually down to sludge problems. The customer will be given an estimate on seeing the boiler, before any work is carried out. Gas boiler and heating installation estimates are free. We will ask for needs and cost a gas boiler or complete heating system that suites your requirements. On boiler breakdown calls, we will respond within 24 hours if you are in the Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster, Rainham, Dagenham and Brentwood areas.


Had my house completely rewired in just 2 days. Minimal disruption and a competitive price.
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Just had a new boiler fitted and I must say I'm extremely pleased. I have a very warm house now.
Richard Packer

Had no heating. Called BTM spoke to Brian and the job was booked in for the following day and by the evening my home was lovely and warm. Well Done!
Ian Gallagher



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